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2W WINDSURF 10´8 basic is an ideal inflatable paddleboard for windsurfing for beginners and intermediates", says Petr Čech jun. CZE 48, champion of the Czech Republic and Austria, 3rd place at the European Championship in slalom 2021, 4th place at the World Championship in slalom 2021, team rider and designer.

The versatile and multi-purpose inflatable paddleboard 2W WINDSURF can also be used as a classic paddleboard standing with a paddle or ride it sitting in a kayak seat with a kayak paddle and of course ride with a windsurfing sail.

2W WINDSURF 10´8 basic is an ideal board for learning windsurfing for children and women. It is also very suitable for former windsurfers who no longer want to buy expensive carbon boards and want to cruise easily in peace in gentle wind.

After removal of the center fin, which is designed for windsurfing, we can use 2W WINDSURF for a normal ride while standing or sitting in a kayak seat without a windsurfing sail thanks to the 3 flexible fins in the back. With this board we can cruise the river without any worries.

The best MSL fusion technology is used in the production of this board: light but still rigid. Aerodynamic shape, yet stable.

For relaxation, fun and sports.

2W WINDSURF is a paddleboard for beginners and advanced, for families with children who are looking for maximum quality for affordable money.

Sharp tip, width 84 cm and wider stern = maximum stability for riders, ideal for learning windsurfing.

Weight capacity up to 130 kg.

Recommended pressure 15 Psi according to conditions and type of water surface. In case of bigger waves and stronger winds we recommend to inflate the board less than 15 Psi.


• 1 × US box, removable center fin for better stability when riding with a windsurfing sail

• hole for windsurfing mast with tarpaulin and boom

• 3 × flexible integrated fins: developed for both low water level and river riding.

• 4 × stainless steel rings for the possibility to attach a kayak seat

• 2 × stainless steel ring for mooring the paddleboard at the front and back

• elevated EVA – the walking area of the EVA is raised at the end of the paddleboard: to support our foot for easier and faster turning

• MSL fusion technology: paddleboard is lighter and stiffer, eco-friendly production

• luxury carrying bag on wheels with a handle for pulling it like a suitcase, back straps and hand straps

• carbon side tape for greater rigidity and better detail, reinforcing tape

• rubber straps for attaching a 2Wsports waterproof bag to the tip of the board


• carrying bag on wheels with back or hand straps for easy transport

• inflatable float / paddleboard

• safety leash for connection with the board when riding without WS sail

• high-quality two-way inflatable pump

• repair kit

SIze cm Volume l Rider weight kg Technology Weight kg
326 × 84× 15 325 l do 130 MSL fusion 9,38


• complete windsurfing sailing – joint, extension, mast, tarpaulin, boom, pull rope. We recommend the type and size of the sail according to age, skills, etc. The range of sizes of windsurfing sails is from 1.0 to 5.5 m2.

• aluminum Al 3-piece folding paddle

• 2W 4-piece kayak paddle

• 2W kayak seat

• 2-piece or 3-piece 2W 100% full carbon paddle. It is great for its rigidity and lightness.

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