Rental of paddleboards, rafts, canoes and WIND paddleboards 


SUP rental

We rent 2W paddleboards inflated in our rental in Český Krumlov, but you can also rent them with you packed in a bag with a 3-piece paddle, pump and safety strap. It is possible to rent for a day, weekend or vocation. 

Price list for renting paddleboards in a takeaway bag:

Number of days Price
1 day 399 CZK
2 days (weekend) 699 CZK
3 days 999 CZK
7 days 1.499 CZK

Every othet day: CZK 199/day

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Possibilities of picking up paddleboards with you: České Budějovice, Hluboká nad Vltavou, rental of Český Krumlov parking P3. Indicate the pick-up point at the tima of booking or over the phone. +420 725 800 783, +420 777 754 768


Paddleboards, Big paddleboards, rafts, canoes and all boating equipment 


We will lend you vessels of your choice for sailing on the Vltava River from Vyšší Brod to Boršov nad Vltavou. We will arrange the transport of vessels and persons to the beginning and end of the voyage of your choosing.

Price list for multi-day rental of rafts, canoes, paddleboards and Big paddleboards on the Vltava river

Raft Coloredo 450 for 6 people 1 day 899 CZK
2W BIG paddleboard for 6 people 1 day 1.199 CZK
Baraka inflatable conoe for 2 people 1 day 399 CZK
Canoe Otter for 2 people 1 day 399 CZK
Paddleboard 1 day 399 CZK
Vest 1 day 30 CZK
Barrel/bag 1 day 30 CZK
Paddles always included    

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Price list of transport of materials and persons

Transports of material and persons to or from the destination of the voyage. Transport is always calculated from Českého Krumlova to one car for 8 people

Vyšší Brod 999 CZK
Rožmberk nad Vltavou 799 CZK
Branná u brodu 499 CZK
Český Krumlov /
Zlatá Koruna 499 CZK
Boršov 999 CZK

*We recommend booking the transfer in advance. By phone or in the order note

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2W sports rental can be found Český Krumlov near the parking lot P3, Linecká Street

GPS address of 2W sports rental in Český Krumlov : 48.8079267N, 14.3192089E

Rental of type 2W WIND  paddleboard in the bag 

1 day 399 CZK only float. Self-rinsing possible
1 day 799 CZK whole set- float, windsurfing sail, rhyme, mast, joint 
2 days 699 CZK only float. Sel-rinsing may be used.
2 days 1.399 CZK whole set-float, windsurfing sail, rhyme, mast, joint 
7 days 2.199 CZK only float. Self-rinsing may be used

Every other day: CZK 249/day

7 days 3.999 CZ whole set- float, windsurfing sail, rhyme, mast, joint 

Every other day: CZK 589/day

There is always an inflatable pupm in the set. It is possible to order a paddle, kayak seat 

1 day 49 CZK paddle / 1 piece
1 day 49 CZK kayak seat / 1 piece

Windsurfing course na 2W WIND paddleboard with the champion of the Czech Republic and Austria Petr Čech jr. 

The course price includes a 2W WIND paddleboard with complete windsurfing rinsing, instructor: 1.799 CZK / hour /person 

Rental for wetsuits, neoprene shoes

  • neoprene short / short legs and sleeves / 2/2 mm : 379 CZK/day
  • neoprene 2/2 mm long, 3/2 mm : 499 CZK/day
  • neoprene shoes low 1 mm : 149 CZK/day
  • neoprene boots high for water temperature 15°C and less, 3mm, 5mm, 7mm : 369 CZK/day

When and how do I pay for the rental?

It is paid in advance upon receipt of paddleboard, Big paddleboard, raft and canoe, WIND paddleboard in cash or via bank account based on an advance invoice. The loan takes place on the basis of the presentation of a valid customer ID card and the signing of a contract for the lease of the thing between the two parties, and payment of the rent. It is also possible to request an advance of CZK 1.000 to CZK 5.500 by agreement

In the event of non-compliance with the rental period, additional

funds from the time of delay according to tariffs see above.


Compensation in the event of destruction, loss, or total destruction by a client or a third party:

Paddleboard type Allround, Alltour, Touring, Race: 15.590 CZK

Paddleboard type 2W WIND SUP: 16.590 CZK only float

Rinsing /sail, crayah, mast, joint/ for 2W WIND SUP: 12.900 CZK

Paddleboard 2W BIG SUP: 49.900 CZK

Raft Coloredo 450: 31.999 CZK

Baraka Boat: 29.999 CZK

Paddleboard paddle: 1.100 CZK

Canoe paddle: 699 CZK

Barrel: 799 CZK

Vest: 1.299 CZK

Bag 10l : 519 CZK


We are looking forward to seeing you …

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