2W SUP Rescue 10´5, inflatable paddleboard

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Manufacturer: 2W sports

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SUP Rescue 10´5

The Rescue SUP inflatable paddleboard is designed to save drowning people during all seasons.

It is a great helper for paramedics during the summer season, but also a useful tool for all rescue services to help the drowning person under ice.

Thanks to the many handles around the perimeter of the board, the eyelets for tying ropes, the large displacement, the Rescue becomes for the drowning person a lifebuoy, a vessel, but also a stretcher for rescuers.

Any rescue services should not miss Rescue SUP.

It is also suitable as a safe support vessel for school and sports events and courses. Also suitable for everyday use for sports and entertainment.

Weight limit up to 130 kg.

Recommended pressure 16–20 Psi depending on conditions and type of water surface.


• 1× removable rear fin to rescue drowning on ice

• 2× flexible fins to hold the direction when rescuing on water

• 10× rescue handrail around the perimeter of the board for drowning

• 10× stainless steel eye for tying rope, rescue aids, drowning and its stabilization

• stainless steel rings for the possibility of fixing a kayak seat

• relief valve allowing fast inflation by the compressor

• double layer drop stich technology for stiffness and resistance of the board

Kit includes:

• bag on wheels with straps for easy transport

• paddleboard

• quality two way pump

• repair kit

Extra order:

• 3-part aluminum paddle

• 2-piece or 3-piece 2W carbon paddle, 100% full carbon

• kayak seat

• 4-piece kayak paddle

Size cm Volume l Riders weight kg Technology Weight kg
320 × 84 × 15 319 l 130 double layer 11,98
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