2W SUP kayak seat

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Manufacturer: 2W sports

Price 979 Kč
1 ks


The 2W SUP kayak seat can be easily and quickly attached to 2W SUP paddleboards with the help of 4× clamping carabiners.

Seat is light but with a firm back.

While sitting on the board we will prepare the ideal position for our body and comfortable sitting with the help of straps.

We are ready to go sailing in a sitting position and with a 2W kayak 4-part paddle we will comfortably and quickly cruise the water.

We can use the kayak seat for these 2W paddleboards:

Alltour 10´8, Touring 11´6 ,Touring 12´6, WIND SUP 10´8.

By using a kayak seat, we will increase the versatility of our 2W paddleboard.

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