2W sports carbon paddle, 100% full carbon, 2-piece

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Manufacturer: 2W sports

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2W carbon paddles are made of 100% full carbon fibers, so there is the highest possible quality.

Our carbon paddle blades are additionally covered with a special surface – glossy varnish, which adds even greater strength and rigidity to the paddle.

Shaft of 2W carbon paddles has a matt anti-slip coating.

There is a groove in the attachment under the handle, so the blade and shaft never rotate when paddling.

The pull-out mechanism is equipped with 2 safety screws, which will allow us accurate and firm extension of a paddle according to our figure and arm length.

The best paddle on the market in terms of price-performance ratio!!!

Material: 100% full carbon

Length: 170 – 210 cm

Weight: 580 g

Leaf size: 45.5 × 18.5 cm, glossy surface

Shaft: matt, anti-slip surface

Mechanism: lever, 2× locking screw

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