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Manufacturer: 2W sports

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2W for X 13´ is a completely new type of inflatable paddleboard on our and the world market.

It was created as a smaller brother of the 2W BIG 17–6 type. X 13´is for riding of 2 or more people, standing, sitting, on the river or sea. Size, displacement, technology, design and utility solution 2W X 13´ entitles us to claim that it is a stable, fast, multi-purpose, unique and exceptionally fun paddleboard.

Size 396 × 90 × 15 cm and a displacement of 472 l offer us the opportunity for two paddling riders to ride standing or sitting.

If we want to ride sitting, we will snap in two 2W kayak seats in a few seconds and we will enjoy a relaxing cruise on any water surface with kayak paddles. In the rear you have 3 flexible fins, which not only keep us in the direction of the board, but also allow us to sail in shallow water. These special flexible fins also allow us to come straight to shore and get off with dry feet. Thanks to this advantage, the X 13´ is also suitable for going down rivers.

For longer trips on the water when we need our waterproof bags, the rubber straps on the X 13´ tip will come in handy. On both sides of the paddleboard there are 8 soft handles for carrying the paddleboard. There are 2 inflatable valves in the rear for faster inflation. When anchor on the water, we will appreciate the 3 stainless steel rings at the tip and end of the board.

The 2W X13´ is ideal for sports couples, families with children, sports clubs, suburban camps, team buildings and all those who want to enjoy sports and water fun.

Weight capacity: up to 260 kg.

Recommended pressure 12–15 Psi.


• 3 flexible integrated fins – developed for low water levels and river rafting

• 4 x stainless steel rings for the possibility of attaching a kayak seat

• side tape – carbon design – for greater rigidity and better detail – reinforcing tape

• stainless steel rings for mooring the paddleboard front and rear – 3 ×

• elevated EVA – the walking area of the EVA is raised at the end of the paddleboard: to support our foot for easier and faster turning

• walking surface – softened EVA crocodile surface, pleasant for our feet

• flexible rubbers straps for attaching 2Wsports waterproof bags

• soft handles for carrying the paddleboard – 8 ×

• technology – Drop-Stitch, reinforcing tape, laminated PVC layer, outside PVC layer, Space Yarn, airtight inner rail

• 2 × inflating valve for faster paddleboard inflation


• bag

• paddleboard

• high-quality two-way inflatable pump

• repair kit

Size cm Volume l Rider weightt kg Technology Weight kg
396 × 90× 15 472 l do 260 double layer  


• aluminum AL 3-piece folding paddle or carbon paddleboard paddle

• 2W 100% carbon paddles 2-piece or 3-piece

• 2W kayak seat

• 2W kayak paddle 4-pieces

• 2W waterproof bags

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